Locked yourself out of your car? Lost or damaged your keys?

It's not funny and we feel your pain! 

Especially with key fobs, remote start and keyless entry as features for modern car keys, it has gotten a whole lot complicated to replace car keys than it used to.

Some of the issues that you may be faced with:

  • Lost all my keys!

  • Spare key programming

  • Keys locked in the boot, or front of the car

  • Remote not working

  • Key doesn't turn in the ignition

  • Key turns but the vehicle still doesn't start

  • Vehicle turns on, but some of the lights don't switch on on the dash

  • Steering lock jammed

  • Key falling apart

  • Metal key doesn't fit the door or boot lock

  • Key works intermittently

We carry out immobilizer/ ECU re-programming, allowing your vehicle to work again with the original locks and keys.

In addition to this errors in communication between the electronic ignition switch, electronic steering lock can prevent the car from starting or cause the steering lock to jam. We can replace or bypass the steering lock and we can repair, reprogram or replace your ignition switch if it becomes faulty.


     (Immobilizer, anti-theft protection)



Helps you to save time & money through bypassing the immobilizer system which enables you to start the car without going back to the dealership!

Improves turn around time, as new parts

need time to be manufactured and delivered,

sometimes it could be weeks or even months!

Free up limited workshop space to increase profits.


Not Able to Start the Engine?

Don't fret! Here's a step-to-step common failures checklist to go through:

1. You need to turn the key in the ignition several times before lights come on the dashboard
2. Key turns in ignition but no dashboard lights appear
3. Steering is still locked even with the key in the ignition
4. Steering lock is open with no key in ignition

The failure may have occurred suddenly, maybe even gradually got worse, or started after having a flat battery or jump starting another car.

Have got either pointer checked? Here's what we can help with:

We will test the ignition and steering modules, isolate the fault and repair it; either rebuild your unit or supply you with a replacement unit!