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Facing the same problems after replacing parts?
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 for Solutions!
Facing the same problems after replacing parts?
​Walk through our guide, we have got solutions!

ECU failures have increasingly appeared to be one of the #1 problems faced

in modern cars since the last decade!

So what is the ECU (Electronic Control Unit)?

The ECU basically controls how the vehicle works. It is like the brain of the vehicle. It receives signals and data from sensors and is analyzed before sending out instructions to the vehicle to carry out a specific task.


For example, if the oxygen sensor in the exhaust system detects that the air/fuel ratio is too lean, the ECU will then send out a signal to the injectors to adjust the fueling accordingly. The rationale is applied to other elements of the car to run smoothly and safely.


Diagnosing if the problem is the ECU

If you have eliminated all other possible causes, a faulty ECU is most likely the answer.

It is smart to repair the ECU as it may often be very expensive to change one.

Common problems are:

-  Check engine light on

-  Vehicle unable to start

-  Reduced engine performance

-  Automatic Transmission not changing gear smoothly

-  ECU not connecting with the diagnostic scanner

-  Memory checksum error

-  Engine misfiring

-  Engine randomly shuts off

-  Sensor faults in scanner even after changing sensors

-  Water gets into ECU causing circuit board damage/corrosion.

-  Broken ECU pins due to corrosion


Sounds like the problem you are facing? 

Don't worry. Here's what to do!

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