ECU Solutions is a leading automotive maintenance company. And as our name suggests, we specialize in providing solutions in areas of ECU restoration, Immobilizer solutions and professional tuning services for petrol and diesel vehicles.


At ECU Solutions, we have a dedicated team of technicians and service advisors who are highly skilled with extensive experience and knowledge in the latest car diagnostic technologies; a cutting-edge touch to cater to what our customers need.


As customers once ourselves, we understand the pain of consumers. We also do know how auto repair can be one of the most stressful events you may encounter.  Hence, the team is very motivated to cater to our customer’s needs and wants, making sure your vehicle get the pampering care and service it needs and committed to getting you back on the road in the safest and fastest way possible!


We take pride in providing only top-notch quality and genuine services to our customers. Our offerings in the industry, excellent workmanship and credit built over time have earned us distributor rights in Singapore to the leading diagnostics systems used. Most of all, we love cars, we care about yours and is passionate about making it the best driving experience for you!